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On our website we have many different type of milking machines. We have milking machines for cow milking Goat milking and sheep milking. We sell on dairy supplies that focus more for the family milk cow or hobby farmers. We sell the smaller type milkers that are great for the hobby farmers, but they are also great for the bigger dairymen for down or sick cows. We also carry a variety of parts that are used on both commercial dairies as well as small milking machines. We also carry butter churns, pastuerizers and cream seperators. We carry a wide variety of dairy supplies such as filters, teat dips and milking machine cleaners. We also have items for those that are hand milking. We have stainless steel pails, and supplies for the hand milkers and also have dairy supplies that supply smaller dairymen that are using smaller or portable milkers all the way up to the commercial dairyman. If there are other supplies that you cannot find on this page please e-mail and we can see what we can do for you. We are always looking for new things to add to our Web Page


There is no minimum order amount or service charge for small orders. Orders may be placed through our Online shopping cart or by phone
1(509)426-4738, E-mail, or Mailed. Our E-Mail address is available 24 hours a day. The phone number on the web page has an after hours voice message. So call us and leave a message 509.426.4738

Warranty and Repair:

Simple Milking Equipment has no warranty or repair program on other equipment not sold by or over warranty period of equipment sold by Simple Milking Equipment.  Simple Milking Equipment is not obligated to pay for labor, loss of product, time or transportation charge or cost related to defective products purchased from our suppliers.

Shipping and Handling:

The Shipping & Handling prices published on the web page are just approx. Shipping & Handling prices may be adjusted on the confirmation E-mail. All Shipping & Handling prices published apply on for orders within continental U.S. all other shipping & handling will be quoted. Also Outside U.S. the importer will be reponsible for all freight charged, duty, tax, and brokerage services.


We will inform you about any backorders, or any changes that might need to made with shipping. Then the shipment will be processed

Return goods:

All returned items should have a copy of the invoice from when the items were originally purchased. Items should be returned within 15 days of the invoice date or a restocking fee of 25% may be applied. SIMPLE MILKING EQUIPMENT will NOT be responsible for shipping charges of items that are returned, but were shipped according to the product that was ordered. There will be no refunds granted after 30 days of purchase so it is important that you open the package as soon as it arrives

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We have a Secure Server. It is encrypted for your convenience and protection. The Web Page is actually more secure than giving me information over a phone.