Milking Machines and Milking equipment
Customers Remarks

Dustin from Oregon says - Jeremy -Thanks a bunch! Your company is got to be the best around!
(Purchased a Milking Machine in the past, and continues to order other milking supplies and parts)


Jan form Oklahoma says - Jeremy, Thanks so much for the help.  You are professional and courteous, and took the time to answer all our questions.   We will definitely be ordering again.

(Purchased milk bucket lid)

Mohammad from Saudi Arabia says - Thanks Jeremy everything arrived in good shape and in timely fashion. Both Jeddah and NYC orders that is. You have a customer for life. Thanks again
(Purchased a Cow milking machine the Porta-Milker style for dairies in NYC and Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He has also bought replacement parts for those milking machines)

Chino from Japan says -Hello Jeremy, I received the milk filters today and they are the ones which I needed. It was only a week to receive, it was nice too. Thank you very much. I look forward to the next business chance with you.
(Purchased several milking supplies, included the milk filters mentioned in this email)

Jon from Texas says - Jeremy - Received everything in good shape. I have not run the machine yet. I will let you know how everything goes. Thanks for all your help!
(Purchased a  Cow Milking machine the Deluxe Model Style and other supplies)

Vicki from Florida says - Jeremy, I cannot commend you enough for your ability to get to a request in a very satisfactory method. You are correct in saying that I've got the lid with the 4 inlets. I do not need the vacuum hose. But I'm sure I need the rest of what you suggest.
(Purchased Multiple dairy supplies)

Felicia from Utah says - Hey Jeremy, Thanks for the service, you really go above and beyond! I am definitely interested in the 4 gal bucket. I am wondering if I could get the complete set up for two goats on the 4 gal bucket. Our bucket now I really like and the girls are just about filling it up every milking, but we would really like the smaller bucket to take to our shows and for the miniature breed. Also I absolutely love the filter. I wouldn't be without it, and I would never go back to any other way. Thanks again,
(Purchased  a Goat Milking Machine The Deluxe Style milking 4 goats at a time with In line Filter)

Kevin from Georgia says - Jeremy, Thanks for your help with deciding which Milking machine to purchase. I was a little hesitate to buy one for my down cows, but just in the short time that I have had it it has already paid for itself
(Purchased a Cow Milking Machine, The Deluxe Model Style for use with his sick cows that couldn't come in the barn)

Susan from Oklahoma says - Thank for you help with the purchase of the milking machine. It is great. I really like the claw washer unit. That makes Things so much easier!!
(Purchased a Cow Milking Machine with a claw washer unit)

Brad from Virginia says - OK ill contact you if ill need it thank you so much for helping me
(Continued purchases of replacement dairy supplies)

Craig from Washington says - Jeremy, Thank for your help with the pulsator problem that we were having. I really appreciate the patience that you had with all of my questions. I look forward to doing business with you again.
(Purchased a D# 95 60/40 Pulsator)

Crystal from Texas says - Thank you for the help, it was indeed the filter. I have discovered that if the cheesecloth stuff is the least bit soft, it will not work. I guess I need to stay away from the imitation material- the gauze type stuff. Thanks again.
(Helped with questions about maintaining a milking machine that she purchased)

David from Oregon says - Hi Jeremy Many thanks. I appreciate your efforts.
(Purchased a stainless strainer and other dairy supplies)

Jacob from California says - Thank you for the follow up. I really appreciate the prompt responses.
(Purchased a Cow Milking Machine, The Deluxe Model Style and ordered other supplies)

Anne from Michigan says - We appreciate your service. .
(Purchased Used surge milker parts)

James from Pennsylvania says - I glad that when I finally decided to purchase a Milking Machine I bought it from you. Whenever I had a question by phone or e-mail you answered it promptly. now that I have it and use it. I am very pleased with what I have. It is great and you are right about everything that you told me about it. I thought I would just e-mail you a quick note to let you know that I appreciate you service. Thanks .
(Purchased a Cow Milking Machine)

Jen from Nevada says - thanks for your help. We received the milker last week and we thank you for your help. I think we are really going to enjoy this milker .
(Purchased a 3/4 HP Mini-Milker Milking Machine)